Harvest Hill Beverage Company offers a wide range of beverage contract manufacturing solutions. Whether you’re in need of small regional volumes or large scale national production, we are here to help.

Our facilities have been manufacturing and distributing beverages for well over 50 years. As your contract manufacturing partner, we will work closely with you to complete your project on time and at a competitive cost.

Why Partner With A Contract Manufacturer?

There are many reasons to use an experienced contract manufacturing partner. Perhaps the growth of your successful beverage product line has exceeded the capacity of your facility and you may not be ready to invest in expensive new equipment and staff. Or you may have a new product that requires manufacturing processes and/or expertise that exceeds your existing capabilities. Or, you may not have manufacturing facilities near your customers, making shipping too costly. No matter the reason, Harvest Hill is the contract manufacturing partner that can help you grow your business.

Why Partner with Harvest Hill?

We offer a turnkey risk-free way to quickly grow your business. We already have the infrastructure, staff and resources in place required to develop, produce and deliver high quality beverages of all types and sizes.


We offer a wide range of packaging materials and sizes.


Bottle options include PET and HDPE in sizes ranging from 8 oz to 1 gallon.


Capacity to produce over 400 million pouches annually. Sizes range from 4 oz – 10 oz and are available in various carton sizes and counts.


Offerings range from 1L to 5L BIB


Options include 4.23 oz and 6.75 oz


Our capabilities are vast and growing. We manufacture a variety of beverages using hot and cold-fill processing, ranging from 0% – 100% juice content, waters, wine-based beverages, and mixers.


Our manufacturing network includes facilities in the Northeast, Midwest, Southeast and Southwest that have convenient access to transportation lanes within hours of high population centers across the United States.

We service various channels including Grocery, Mass Merchandisers, Warehouse Clubs, Convenience, Foodservice, Liquor Stores and Distributors/Wholesalers.

Project Management

We have a dedicated contract manufacturing team who will work with you to complete your project on time and to specification.

We offer product development and testing services by our experienced scientists and quality control personnel.


Quality is our utmost concern, and we have comprehensive food safety and quality management systems in place in all of our facilities.

Our facilities are regularly audited by internal and third-party experts to ensure we are meeting or exceeding all established food safety regulatory requirements. Certifications include: SQF Level III, Kosher and Organic to serve any of your beverage requirements.

Our associates have extensive experience and are committed to achieving our goal of providing high quality, safe food by strict adherence to processes and expectations.

Customer Service

Our experienced and friendly customer service representatives are always ready to help.

If you are ready to take your beverage sales to the next level, let Harvest Hill Beverage Company help you with an outsourced contract manufacturing solution.

Contact Tim Voelkerding for more information.